Our Products

All products are manufactured as per Indian/ international Standards and specifications given by the customer. We offer a wide selection of dimension, types of covering enamel class and packaging for special fields of application. We use latest technology to manufacture our products. We take pride in honoring our commitments and guarantees of various grades.

Enamel Base Modified Polyester Modified Polyester Polyester Imide Dual Coat (Lmide-Amide)
Temperature Index 130 155 180 200
Thermal Class B H H H+
Colour Light Brown to Brown Dark Brown Brown Light Brown
Range 0.122mm to 4.0mm 0.122mm to 4.0mm 0.122mm to 4.0mm 0.5mm to 2.0mm
Old Specification I.S. -4800 PT-V I.S.-4800 PT-V (Type ll) I.S. -4800 PT-IX/VII B I.S. -4800 PT-XIII
New Specification I.S. -13730 PT-45 I.S- 13730 PT-3 I.S.- 13730 PT-8 I.S- 13730 PT-13
Cut Through 240C 240C 300C 320C
Heat Stock 155C 175C 200C 220C
Abrasion Resistance Flexibility Solvent Resistance Good Good Very Good Excellent
Application All general electric Equipment General Purpose Rotating and Static Electrical Equipment For FHP Motors, Hand Tool, Electromagnetic Coils Special Motors including Hermetic
Special Characteristics ldeal for Rewinders Balanced Electrical mechanical Properties Good for O.E.Ms Higher Thermal Endurance Excels Good Modified Polyester in Thermoplastic flow, Abrasion & Heat Shock Very High Thermal Property, Excellent for hermetic use.